All official deliveries must be accompanied by a Delivery Note and an Acceptance Report, signed by the requestor within PACAVI. Once the Delivery Note and an Acceptance Report are signed and accepted, the Supplier may submit an invoice. All invoices shall be certified and submitted in accordance with the clause entitled PAYMENTS in the Master Terms Agreement, and shall contain the following information:

1) Seller’s name and business address
2) Date of Invoice
3) Task Order No.
4) Period covered by invoice (i.e. July 1, 20XX – July 31, 20XX)
5) Labor categories, hourly rates, billable hours, material costs, ODC’s, travel costs, and total amount billed shall be provided on a current month and cumulative amount basis.
6) Travel receipts
7) Total charges billed
8) Program billing charge number: (if applicable)
9) Remit-to address

Each invoice shall include a certification statement signed by an officer of the corporation certifying that “I have reviewed the qualifications of the individuals whose labor costs are being invoiced hereunder and hereby confirm that all individuals meet the minimum requirements for the  labor category qualifications and that all listed professional certifications, accreditations, degree information and citizenship status on the resume are accurate, and that the charges for which payment is requested herein are true and correct.”

Invoices shall be submitted electronically by the end of the calendar day of each month.  Please submit your invoices to the following:
Attention: Laila Schneider-Gossens

A final invoice for the Agreement shall be marked “Final Invoice” and shall be submitted within thirty (30) calendar days after the effort is completed and final acceptance has been given.