Cargo Facts Freighter conversion action continues in China

Yesterday we reported that PACAVI had inducted its first A320 for conversion at the HAITEC facility in Frankfurt Hahn. Today our focus stays (to begin with) on PACAVI, but moves geographically to China, where PACAVI has reached an agreement with Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Co., Ltd. (GAMECO) under which GAMECO will perform passenger-to-freighter conversions of A320 and A321 aircraft for PACAVI customers in China.

While all of the major conversion houses have partnerships with MROs in China (and elsewhere in Asia), The PACAVI/GAMECO partnership is interesting for a couple of additional reasons.

First, while GAMECO is not well known for doing conversions, it does have some history in that regard. It performed a few 737-300 P-to-F conversions for Bedek Aviation Group (the conversion/MRO arm of Israel Aerospace Industries) several years ago, before Bedek exited the narrowbody conversion market. It also performed the first A300-600 P-to-F conversion for Flight Structures, before that program was effectively abandoned (to resurface later in Turkey, but that’s another story).

Second, GAMECO is 50% owned by China Southern Airlines, which has the largest A320/A321 fleet in China, including 120 A320s and 75 A321s.

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