Engineering, Consulting & Aviation Services

The PACAVI Group leverages over two centuries of aviation and technology expertise, bringing that experience to bear for clients large and small. While we are a global firm, our size allows us to provide uniformly high quality services spanning a broad range of capabilities with flexibility and agility. Whether you require a single freighter or an entire fleet, engineering & design services or general aviation consulting, we will work to provide a solution of lasting value and integrity.

What sets PACAVI Group apart is our extensive “reachback” capability; with engineering staff on two continents, we have a deep understanding of aviation regulations and relationships with major airframe manufacturers. Many of our staff are senior engineers and executives who have spent decades in the aviation industry, possessing relationships that are beneficial when coordinating large projects among multiple vendors and contractors.

Some of the services we can provide:

  • Freighter Conversion
  • Engineering & Design
  • Asset Management
  • Wet & Dry Aircraft Leasing
  • Aircraft Purchasing
  • Market Research
  • Technical Project Management
  • Material / Prototype Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing