A320/321 passenger jets are being replaced by newer narrow-body aircraft. But in the capable hands of PACAVI Group’s engineering staff and our industry partners, they’re given new value as flexible, adaptable freighters combining the reliability of a time-tested platform with the modern reliability of fly-by-wire operation. Our PGFS aircraft are designed to carry cargo safely and cost effectively, and is the most viable modern choice to replace many aging freighters as they are retired from service.

Traditional freighter acquisition requires that the customer search for and purchase a suitable aircraft, then contract separately for conversion as well as maintenance. Our approach is different; we acquire the aircraft, perform the conversion, and offer a turnkey package for sale, wet lease, or dry lease. Through an industry-first customization program, a full range of options are available to enhance the basic configuration for your specific needs. From fire detection to video monitoring, you purchase only what you need.


PACAVI Group Freighter Solutions